Privacy policy

Personal data

When you fill in a connect card in church or online we may retain the personal information you provide, including your name, age, contact details, family unit, event registration status, donations and your interactions with us in order to provide the best possible experience while you are connected to our church whānau.

  • We will not hold personal information for longer than is required for the purpose for which the information may lawfully be used.
  • We keep your information safe, in secure databases. We protect our data with all reasonable technical and process controls.
  • Freedom Centre uses selected third party suppliers to deliver specific services such as email, event registration, and so on; these suppliers have comparable privacy policies and processes for protecting your personal information.
  • Freedom Centre endeavours to fully comply with the principles of the Privacy Act 2020 as it looks to continue handling personal information with care and respect.

Photography and Video

During services and events, Freedom Centre team members may be taking photographs and capturing video footage of various aspects, including shots where individuals and groups are identifiable, additionally all 10:30am services and Encounter Nights are recorded live. Please note that we may use these shots in social media and for promotional purposes.

In some of our location's photography and/or video is captured as part of the broadcast of our online services which are streamed and stored for access online. This content may also be used in the promotion of church activities including but not limited to online services, social media and print promotions.

Photography and video is only to be captured by authorised personnel identifiable with a Freedom Centre team lanyard.